The ERCIS Service Science Competence Center

The Service Science Competence Center is ERCIS' major organizational unit for conducting research and industry projects in the area of service management and service engineering. With a team of two full professors, one executive, 12 research assistants, and three international partners, the Service Science Competence Center is currently the largest third party-funded research group in the ERCIS network.

  • SSME

    The emergence and proliferation of the Service Economy has changed the way in which the creation of value is perceived throughout various industry sectors and societies.

    Some current manifestations are integrating industrial machinery with customized service offerings (customer solutions, product-service systems), offering aircraft turbines (power by-the-hour) or software applications (as-a-service) without selling physical goods, or providing content on mobile platforms.

    Theories and artifacts related to service are reflected in the emerging academic discipline of Service Science, Management and Engineering (SSME).

    Research in SSME is focused on understanding and facilitating the creation of value in service systems, involving interactions of service providers and service customers.

  • Mission

    The mission of the ERCIS Service Science Competence Center is twofold. On the one hand, we strive to understand the nature and impact of service orientation on commercial businesses, on the public sector, and on society in general. On the other hand, we contribute to further shaping the course of the service economy by designing new business solutions and software artifacts. One focal point of our research is facilitating service-orientation in close cooperation with high-tech manufacturing companies.

    We have also been in frequent contact with banks, retail companies, and facility management service providers.

    Our research is equally dedicated to research excellence and to providing results that companies can utilize to further shape their businesses in the service society. We achieve this goal based on a network of excellent researchers in the global ERCIS network.

  • Value Proposition

    Together with our commercial and public partners, we analyze current developments and design solutions and software prototypes. With these results we contribute to identifying and implementing innovations in engineering, offering, and provided service(s):

    • Service Process Management and Process Integration in Networks
    • Service Modeling
    • Service Business Models
    • Service Performance Management and Service Portfolio Management
    • Service Channels in the Web 2.0
    • Cyber-Physical Systems
    • Electric Mobility